Mezcal Artesenal

We’re proud to produce Mezcal Artesenal of the highest grade. No shortcuts taken and no corners cut.

It all starts with the agave. We select our single estate agaves and then begins the process of production. Mezcal distillation dates back hundreds of years in Oaxaca and we produce our mezcal much in the same way it has been done for generations. Our master mezcalero, Juan Lopez Olivera, couples his passed-down knowledge with a curiosity to try and produce the highest quality, best tasting spirit possible.

Our spirit is crafted in the time-honored methods and traditions of true small batch artisanal mezcal production; hand cut agaves, earthen mesquite ovens, open air wooden fermentation vessels and small copper still distillation. When our mezcal is being distilled and “cut” to achieve its final alcohol by volume (ABV%), we distill it to proof. This means we never dilute our product by cutting it with water to bring it to the desired ABV%. We believe this process greatly affects the quality of the spirit and that the finest mezcals are distilled to proof. Also, the adding of accelerants such as sugars and yeasts to expedite fermentation is something that is done by some producers for the quality of their bottom line and not for the quality of their spirit. We add nothing. Aside from the local mountain spring water used in fermentation, our mezcal is made from one single ingredient, our agave. 

Juan Lopez Olivera, our master mezcalero.

Juan Lopez Olivera, our master mezcalero.