single estate production

We’re a single estate producer, meaning we grow all of our own agaves. They’re grown in mountainside fields just behind our palenque in the small town of El Gramal. El Gramal backs up against the southern Sierra Madre Mountains in the Nejapa de Madero region of Oaxaca. 

The harvest is done entirely without the use of any chemicals, additives or even irrigation. It’s simple and sustainable. Our agaves are planted into the rocky soil and left to grow, aided only by the natural elements up on the mountainside, sunlight and rainwater. Given the abundance of both it’s an ideal semi-wild existence where the agaves flourish. The elements are hard up on the mountain, but living through that struggle the agaves take on a depth of character and complexity to their flavor. 

Nobody knows what its like up there better than locals Damian Cruz and his son Chito. They’re our partners, jimadors and the chief stewards of the agave, planting new agaves and harvesting the mature for mezcal production.

For us, knowing the source of all of our agave is a critical part of production. We can retain consistency of the terroir with each lot, ensure quality control and verify that the agaves are fully mature before harvest. We wait until our espadín agaves are in their seventh year before harvesting and even then our jimadors only select agaves which appear to be ready for production. We believe that the best ingredients create the finest products. 

Chito, at work up on the mountain.

Chito, at work up on the mountain.